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Mug of strong tea and the newspaper

Mug of strong tea and the newspaper

Chai.News –  ALANA Voices. Facts. Analysis

In the past few months since Chai was launched it has helped filled a space where the ALANA (African Latino Asian and Native American) voices have been heard. This fact is reflected in over 30,000 page-views indicating interest in policy analysis, facts, reports of community policy voices and community events.

As Chai.News moves to its next phase we have a number of community leaders who have so kindly agreed to serve on the Chai News Editorial Advisory Board (see list below). These leaders will provide feedback on articles, current trends and help bring the ALANA voice to this community space.

There is the need for a multi-ethnic non partisan policy space and Chai.News hopes to fill that space while working to build the common good. Chai.News has already made a difference in the policy space in Minnesota.

Most often you will find a perspective or data in Chai.News that you would not easily find in the mainstream media. Chai.News is appreciative to  Minnesota Business Magazine for reaching out in partnership. The story on the policy forum on the economic contributions of people of Mexican origin had a unique joint coverage in partnership/coverage with Minnesota Business Magazine and La Prensa de Minnesota.

Chai.News has also launched a unique “policyminute video” series – providing a video around one minute in length on a core policy topic.

Readers are encourage to provide breaking news via the Twitter handle @ChaiNewsMN which is also displayed on our home page and to follow Chai on Facebook.

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Editorial Advisory Board 2015-16

  • Brett Buckner
  • Sunny Chanthanouvong
  • Cristina Corrie
  • Jim Du Bois
  • Readus Fletcher
  • Gene Gelgelu
  • Michael Fondungallah
  • Lea Hargett
  • Ezell Jones
  • Steve Lebeau
  • Blanca Monter
  • Pamela Standing
  • Roy Taylor
  • Mukhtar Thakur
  • Fartun Weli
  • Bao Vang
  • David Zander

Bruce P. Corrie, PhD
Publisher, Chai.News, LLC