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Minnesota Leaders Move from Resolve to Action – Puerto Rico

Bruce P. Corrie, PhD, Chai.News

In the early hours after the world grasped at the severity of the impact of hurricane Maria on Puerto Rico a group of Minnesota leaders assembled at a press conference worried, anxious and concerned. Worried about loved ones and people ravaged by the hurricane, anxious about the safety of people in Puerto Rico and concerned that the official response was not effective enough during these critical moments.

There was over a hundred years of public service  represented in leaders such as Rep. Carlos Mariani, Senator Melisa Franzen, Ramsey County Commissioner Rafael Ortega and their colleagues Senator Patricia Torres Ray and Minneapolis Councilmember Alondra Cano.

There were also leaders in other areas of community life, professional sports (Miguel Ramos), STEM education (Aiyana Machado) and the arts (Maria Isa) and others.

After the words came action.

A Facebook post showed Senator Franzen and others boarding a Delta flight with others carrying with them from Minnesota 46 pallets of supplies for people in Puerto Rico.

Other groups such as Puerto Ricans in Minnesota Committee are hosting fundraisers and other activities.

Even ordinary Minnesotans are doing their small part. In Roseville, by Lexington Avenue and Hoyt, there is a sign on a lawn that says the owner will offer a “clump of moss” for donations to Puerto Rico.

This journey from words to action is commendable. People took action in their own hands and with the support of community members are beginning to rebuild a little piece of Puerto Rico. Their example illustrates the path from resolve to action can be quick and effective. It also shows as the Good Word says, Hope never disappoints… but the greatest of these is Love.