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We brought down the Berlin Wall Why Do We Want to Build One Here?


A crowded room of legislators and community leaders gathered to respond to the latest Executive Order of President Trump that called for building a wall between the US and Mexico,  more stringent requirements around refugee acceptance, actions against local governments that do not enforce immigration laws and stronger visa enforcement.

Here is a sample of statements from leader present:

“We need to spend the $25 billion on health care rather than building a wall.” Senator Patricia Torres Ray.

“Refugee rights are human rights.” Congressman Keith Ellison

“We brought down the Berlin Wall why are we building one here” Senator Foung Hawj

“Immigrants are building every corner of this state. We are not going anywhere.” Minneapolis Councilmember Alondra Cano

“Minneapolis will always be a sanctuary city as long as I am mayor,” Mayor Betsy Hodges

“At the heart of every religion is the notion that we have to welcome the stranger,” Peg Chamberlain.

“We are in danger of repeating the mistakes of the past that targeted Asian Americans,” KaYing Yang, Coalition of Asian American Leaders.

“Muslims feel targeted.” Jaylani Hussein, CAIR

“All too often we fear what we do not understand. If we take time to get to know each other we will find each other.” Representative Rod Hamilton

Other legislators present were Senator Melisa Franzen, Representative Mike Freiberg, Representative Erin Murphy, Senator Sandy Pappas, Senator John Marty, Senator Jeff Hayden, Representative Raymond Dean, Representative Ilhan Omar, Representative Peggy Flanagan, and Representative Rena Moran.  Representative Carlos Mariani was one of the organizers of the gathering.