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St. Paul’s Union Park District Council Sends Clear Message – All Our Welcome, All are Safe

by Chai.News

updcSaint Paul’s Union Park District Council (UPDC) at its December Board Meeting made a strong statement of welcome and inclusion:

The Union Park District Council endeavors that our community be a place where all are welcome and all are safe. Hatred or fear sown among us erodes the strength of our community and will not be tolerated. It is our board’s commitment to promote inclusion of ideas, people, voices and cultures, which make us stronger, more vibrant, economically more stable, and one of the best places to live, work and learn.

UPDC members also requested other district councils in Saint Paul, Saint Paul City Council and Mayor Coleman to support and develop similar resolutions.

The resolution derived from a recent call by over 40 community organizations, ethnic and mainstream chambers of Commerce and businesses for leaders and communities in Minnesota to affirm Minnesota’s core identity as open and welcoming.


The UPDC statement can be found here: call supported by over 40 organizations can be found here: