News Ticker, 40+ Partners’ Call for Post-Election Leadership: An Update

Chai.News and over 40 organizations (see list below), chambers of commerce and individuals invited elected and business leaders to make a strong statement affirming the core identity of Minnesota as open and welcoming. What has been the response to date?

There have been a number of efforts that align with the call of and partners. Some of them are listed below. (We still wait for top leaders and institutions to affirm this core value of Minnesota)

The Union Park District Council of Saint Paul passed the following resolution and requested other district councils in Saint Paul, Saint Paul City Council and the Mayor to do something similar.

The Union Park District Council endeavors that our community be a place where all are welcome and all are safe. Hatred or fear sown among us erodes the strength of our community and will not be tolerated. It is our board’s commitment to promote inclusion of ideas, people, voices and cultures, which make us stronger, more vibrant, economically more stable, and one of the best places to live, work and learn.

Molly Glasgow President of the Metro Independent Business Alliance encouraged members to ” Show support. Make your businesses even more welcoming than they already are. You welcome everyone who comes through your door, also make sure to display it outwardly. Let people know it is safe to come inside. Let people know not only is it safe, but that you want them to be there.” The national American Independent Business Alliance relaunched it “We Welcome Everybody” signs post November 8 elections.

Minnesota Council on Asian Pacific Minnesotans issued a statement by a bipartisan panel of legislators.

We call on all Minnesotans to stand in solidarity with one another against hatred. In light of especially divisive rhetoric and harassing behaviors in recent weeks, we, the bi-partisan legislative members of the board for the Council on Asian-Pacific Minnesotans, feel compelled to speak out. The Council is Minnesota’s official body charged with connecting the multiple Asian American and Pacific Islander communities to the legislative and executive branches. As the duly appointed representatives of the legislative branch, we value our relationships with all Minnesotans.

We ask all Minnesotans, immigrant and native born, all ethnicities, urban and greater Minnesotan, and all political ideologies, to pause and remember our American motto – “E Pluribus Unum,” Out of Many, One.

Many ethnicities, many languages, many religions, and many cultural traditions have become a part of the One: the United States of America. We have all changed and contributed to America, and America has changed and contributed to us. America is stronger and richer for the merging of our many tapestries.

We ask all Minnesotans to put forward their better selves, and to stand tall in calling out indecent behavior, with grace. Our country is wounded with division; let us work together to bind up our wounds.

Together, we can insist that all are welcome here. We are, indeed, mutually interdependent and so much stronger when we honor this reality.

We reject hate. Please join us.  Senator-elect Carolyn Laine (D) Representative Rod Hamilton (R).
Senator Roger Chamberlain (R) Senator Foung Hawj (D)

Bemidji Mayor Rita Albrecht brought her community together around a statement of inclusion:

“We invite you to stand with us as we affirm shared values of mutual respect and appreciation for our differences,” the statement continues. “Our community seeks to build bridges of inclusion, awareness and understanding across all divides. We face up to challenges and address them together. We hold one another accountable for doing the right thing.”

Mayor Betsy Hodges and the City Council of Minneapolis passed a resolution:

…Now, Therefore, BE IT RESOLVED that the City of Minneapolis stands with all members of our community. We reject the politics of division, bigotry, hate, and fear. We will fight for the rights, freedoms and interests of all of the members of our community, no matter the color of our skin, our gender, the way we worship, where we were born, our sexual orientation, or any other identity. We are and will continue to be One Minneapolis.

The Mayor of St. Paul. Chris Coleman had an OP-ED in the Pioneer Press affirming the role of the city as a “sanctuary city.”


A Call to Minnesota Elected, Business and Community Leaders to visibly and strongly affirm Minnesota’s Core identity as Open, Welcoming and Safe.

November 16, 2016,

Governor Mark Dayton
Speaker Kurt Daudt
Majority Leader-elect Paul Gazelka
Majority Leader-elect Joyce Peppin
Minority Leader-elect Tom Bakk
Minority Leader-elect Melissa Hortman

Greetings and congratulations to the newly elected leaders,

All across Minnesota there is a heightened state of anxiety and fear within the ALANA (African, African American, Latino, Asian, and Native American) communities, LGBTQ community, minority religious groups and Minnesotans in general. This is greatly affecting our children, especially young women and girls. Unfortunately since the election, there has been a significant increase in incidents committed by a small number within our schools, places of work and in the public which have sought to divide us as a community and make some of us feel unwelcome and safe. When trust and respect is lost, our society could collapse. We must work to change the environment very soon.

In this context, we call on our elected, business and community leaders, led by Governor Dayton, and our legislative leaders in partnership with business, religious and community organizations to provide a very visible and joint message to Minnesotans that they are committed to keeping Minnesota open, welcoming and safe with great intent and urgency towards shared prosperity and common respect for all Minnesotans.

The undersigned organizations call for your leadership to visibly and strongly affirm Minnesota’s Core identity as Open, Welcoming and Safe and are ready to stand with them to achieve respect and prosperity for all Minnesotans.
Advocates for Human Rights
Acctech LLC
African American Leadership Forum (AALF)
African Immigrant Services (AIS)
African Reconciliation and Development Organization (ARDO)
Anika Foundation
Al-Amal School
American Indian Community Housing Organization
Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR)
Coalition of Asian American Leaders (CAAL)
Comunidades Latinas Unidas En Servicio (Latino Communities United In Service – CLUES)
Common Cause – Minnesota
Confederation of Somali Community in Minnesota (CSM-MN)
Corridor Design
Hmong Chamber of Commerce
Immigration Law Center of Minnesota
India Association of Minnesota
Indian American Muslim Council (IAMC) MN Chapter
Islamic Cultural Community Center
Islamic Center of Minnesota
Jewish Community Action (JCA)
Oromo Chamber of Commerce
Lao Assistance Center
Latino Chamber of Commerce of MN
Latino LEAD
Masjid Al Kareem
Minnesota Black Chamber of Commerce
Minnesota Chamber of Commerce
Minnesota Indian Business Alliance
Muslim American Society of Minnesota
Muslim Health Professionals of Minnesota
Northwest Indian Community Development Center
Northwest Islamic Community Center
St. Paul Chamber of Commerce
Phyllis Weatley Community Center
The Muslim Health Professionals of Minnesota
ZACAH (Zakat, Aid & Charity Assisting Humanity)

We need to regroup, reaffirm our core values and work together to continue to build ONE Minnesota.

Thank you for your time and consideration in this critical moment.