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Racial Income, Poverty, Unemployment, Disability by Legislative District: Data You Can Use

Bruce P. Corrie, PhD

A new report from,  presents the best available data on ALANA income, poverty, unemployment, disability and female headed households in poverty for each of Minnesota’s legislative districts. The data draws from the American Community Survey, 2014 data as tabulated by the Minnesota State Demographer and by the author.

This data is timely as it provides a quick reference for voters to engage with candidates for public office. Candidates in each of these legislative districts were sent the data and asked to respond. Their responses will be posted on

Widespread racial disparities are noted all across Minnesota and point to the need for a statewide as well as district specific strategies to close the gap.

For the first time also we have racial disability data by legislative district so better attention can be given to people with disabilities. In general ALANA disability rates are also higher than the  White disability rates across these districts.

Also noteworthy are the high economic disparities noted for people who are from multiracial backgrounds and point to the need to integrate them into large equity strategies.

Data for each of the legislative districts can be found here

The complete report can be found here.