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Racial Equity Budget Initiative Launched


Racial Equity Budget Initiativecolor-the-vote

 Rationale: recently released a report documenting acute racial economic disparities across rural and metro Minnesota. Minnesota’s budget needs to be aligned with these racial economic disparities to help build up the state’s future competitiveness and ability to meet its labor shortages and tax base.

Vision: The 2016 legislative session makes a systematic and groundbreaking investment in closing the racial disparity gaps in employment, business, education and health care offering a 2 year and a 10 year plan to close the racial equity gap in Minnesota (a plan for 5 budget cycles).


In each of the following areas there are good estimates of the racial equity gap: education, workforce development, health care and business development. We invite the public and experts to offer an estimate what it would cost to close the gap and a strategy to achieve that goal. A committee of experts assembled by will integrate this information and offer a blueprint for community discussion at the Humphrey Institute of Public Affairs on December, 6, 2016. At this meeting legislators and the Dayton/Smith administration are invited to attend and participate.