News Ticker Statement: Our Brother Philando Castile Statement: Our Brother Philando Castile

The tragic, heartbreaking, preventable and untimely death of our brother Philando Castile is unacceptable.

Minnesota will lose its soul if we do not come together and build a society open, inclusive and welcoming to all.

We join our community in offering our prayers and support to the family and loved ones of our brother Philando Castile.

Our brother Philando Castile’s death will be in vain if we do not change systems and protocols around law enforcement – now.

We need to remove racial profiling as an integral strategy around law enforcement. We need the law enforcement system to work and build trust with all people.

We need to develop open and inclusive social, economic and political systems.
We need to develop relationships of trust and work together on a vision of shared prosperity.

We need to come together as OneMinnesota

Brett Buckner, Bruce Corrie, Pamela Standing, Samuel Myers, Jr.,

21st Century Policing – President Obama’s Task Force Report:…/taskf…/taskforce_finalreport.pdf