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July 4th Opportunity to Celebrate the Immigrant Spirit at the Minnesota History Center


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Senator Hoffman and Rep. Selcer examining large paperwork needed to become an immigrant

On July 4th as we celebrate the birth of this great nation of immigrants there is an opportunity to celebrate the immigrant spirit in the country and Minnesota. At the Minnesota History Center (from April 30 to July 10) a special exhibit documents the experience and contributions on one group of immigrants to the country and Minnesota – Asian Indians. This is an important opportunity to counter the growing anti-immigrant sentiment building up in this country and in the post-Brexit world with hard facts and evidence that immigrants are good for Minnesota and the nation.

Asian Indians are the second largest group of Asian Americans in Minnesota and play important roles as high tech entrepreneurs, scientists, doctors and educators. Indian American entrepreneurs employ over 7000 Minnesotans with an annual payroll of $226 million, according to the Survey of Business Owners. Indian American consumers have a spending power of around a billion dollars – just view how major retailers in Minnesota are discovering this market segment. Indian American culture from Minnesota’s new hot dish (chicken curry) to a vibrant music and dance presence are helping make Minnesota a global destination.


Representative Mason at the opening of the exhibit April 30 with Ram Gada and History Museum Director Elliott.

Details about the exhibit can be found here

A great opportunity to celebrate the immigrant spirit in Minnesota on July 4.