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Letter to Governor and MNLEG: 7 Ways to Get Equity Right This Session


Dear Governor Dayton and Legislators:

We are on track on putting in place a strategy to address long term racial disparities. Here are 7 strategies to get equity right this session.


  1. Keep the Governor’s equity target of $100 million.
  2. Fund and implement equity proposals adequately in a wide range of critical areas and ensure they are inclusive and accessible to the diversity within and among immigrant and minority communities and both the metro and rural areas.
  3. Insert language in all spending provisions “The Commissioner will ensure programs and policies are accessible to the diversity within and among immigrant and minority communities and in the metro and rural areas. The Commissioner will evaluate annually how well programs and policies are attaining this goal.”
  4. Expand initiatives that increase self-reliance in low income communities such as ABE skills, working family tax credits, SNAP employment training, etc.
  5. Fund initiatives to bring the best math and science education in middle and high schools with large number of minority students.
  6. Fund and implement efforts at systemic and structural change such as enforcing State Statute 16c, Senate provisions for procurement reform, diversifying the state’s workforce, data dis-aggregation, cultural intelligence in policy and programs, and the establishment of a task force to remove barriers facing immigrants in state rules and regulations.
  7. Develop and fund a long term plan to grow the assets of the immigrant and minority communities as Minnesota’s future depends on them.

PDF of article 7 Equity Policies for Adoption    Analysis of equity proposals