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CAAL Tells MN Legislators – Include Asian MN in Equity Proposals


Almost 100 members of the Coalition of Asian American Leaders (CAAL) visited legislators with a key message: understand the diversity within the Asian American community and include the community fully in the various equity proposals.  (For a Chai.News analysis of gaps in tCAAL Day at the Capitol2he equity proposals and recommendations see here).

Lt. Governor Tina Smith shared a proclamation by Governor Mark Dayton acknowledging the many economic contributions of Asian Minnesotans. For example in 2012 there were over 15,000 Asian Minnesotan firms employing over 25,000 people. (List of Top 20 legislative districts with significant Asian Minnesotan economic interests).

The following DFL and GOP legislators met with CAAL leaders and offered their support to include the Asian Minnesotans in various proposals from the Urban Food Access bill and Asian farmers in rural Minnesota to increasing the number of Asian American teachers and disaggregation of data to help develop better policy in Minnesota. CAAL leaders also met with Senate Equity co-chairs, Senator Jeff Hayden and Senator Bobby Champion, the chair of the Senate Finance Committee, Senator Richard Cohen and the Senate Education Committee, Senator Charles Wiger. In addition, CAAL members met with individually with a number of legislators.

  1. Lt. Governor Tina Smith
  2. Rep. Paul Thissen (61B, DFL), Minority Leader
  3. Rep. Dan Fabien, Majority Whip,
  4. Rep. Jenifer Loon (48B, R), Chair of the Education Finance Committee
  5. Rep. Sondra Erickson (15A, R), Chair of the Education Policy Committee
  6. Rep. Susan Allen (62B, DFL)
  7. Rep. Carlos Mariani (65B, DFL)
  8. Rep. Karen Clark (62A, DFL)
  9. Rep. Phyllis Khan (60B, DFL)
  10. Rep. Tim Mahoney (67 A, DFL)
  11. Rep. Rod Hamilton (22B, R), Chair House Agriculture Committee
  12. Rep. Laurie Halverson (52B, DFL)
  13. Rep. Joe Mullery (59A, DFL)
  14. Senator Foung Hawj (67, DFL)
  15. Senator Carla J. Nelson (26, R)
  16. Senator Susan Kent (53, DFL)
  17. Senator Jim Carlson (51, DFL)