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Minnesota’s Equity Proposals – Less than 1 percent of ALANA Assets?


Is Minnesota’s Equity Math Going South? It is also not just about money!

ALANA economic assets
(Income, Business, residential real estate) estimated at over $30 billion

Current legislative proposals are small investments relative to ALANA economic assets – so how will these assets grow?

Governor – proposed investment: 0.33 percent of of ALANA assets or around $100 million

Senate – proposed investment: 0.3 percent of ALANA assets or around $ 91 million

House – proposed investment: 0.03 percent of ALANA assets or about $ 10 million

It is not just about money. We need policy consensus and long term strategies that include all ALANA communities and will operate with cultural intelligence, coordination and accountability.  Minnesota’s future economic success is at stake.

We also welcome top legislative leaders being willing to meet with citizens to discuss these issues and for committee meetings and documents posted in a timely manner to allow better citizen participation.
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Key Facts and Questions to Guide Decisions

State DemographerImpending labor shortage needs investment in a world class workforce.

The Best Data:  17 Key Facts about ALANA Communities

The Policy Challenge:  4 State Documents Identifying Structural Racism in Minnesota

Analytical Framework: 9 Questions to Analyze Equity Proposals



1 Comment on Minnesota’s Equity Proposals – Less than 1 percent of ALANA Assets?

  1. George Costilla // September 22, 2016 at 8:24 am //

    How how do we change the ALANA impact in the State and how can
    we get change to more faster in the state by involving ALANA in all
    levels of the state government. Is there a bench mark for measuring
    impact in include Diversity and Inclusion since governors executive order
    last year. ????????

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