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9 Questions to Analyze Racial Disparity Proposals

Bruce P. Corrie, PhD

There are multiple proposals offered to address racial economic disparities in Minnesota. These 9 questions can help develop effective policy solutions.

  1. Is it inclusive of all ALANA (African Latino Asian and Native American) communities?
  2. Will it reach people at the grassroots level who need the resources the most?
  3. Will it include smaller non-profits and organizations and not the more established ones?
  4. Will it reach ALANA communities in Greater Minnesota?
  5. Does it cover the core areas: Jobs, Achievement Gap, Business Development, Housing, Health Care, cultural intelligence?
  6. Is it supporting long term initiatives?
  7. Will it require accountability, accessibility and results?
  8. Will it be complemented with strategies to support White blue collar and hard to employ workers?
  9. Does it cover the full spectrum: give a fish, teach people to fish, provide a space to fish, help invent a new fish and transform the fishing industry?