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Strong Entrepreneurship Among African Immigrant Women – Research Brief

African immigrant women contribute a lot to the Minnesotan economy as entrepreneurs, consumers, workers, tax payers, artists, and active citizens.  The African immigrant research project completed in 2015 documents these important roles and provides some estimates of their economic contributions.  This Report (AFMP Series Female) summarizes some of these research findings.

  1. African immigrant women present a $776 million consumer base in the Minnesotan economy.
  2. Entrepreneurship among African immigrant women appears higher than males and they have unique entrepreneurial needs compared to African immigrant male entrepreneurs
  3. Females show a higher level of civic engagement than males in voting, volunteering and participating in their child’s school..


Support programs with a unique and core competence in serving African immigrant women entrepreneurs. These programs and policies need to operate with cultural intelligence to be effective given the diversity within the African immigrant communities.

Research conducted by Dr. Bruce Corrie, Concordia University with community partners and funded by The McKnight Foundation.