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Black Youth in N. Minneapolis: If You are Not at the Table You are on the Menu

TroubledSoul-19, Unda’Ground Newz

……… “ Saying’ to myself…, it’s about time…, and way overdue.  What’s overdue… you ask?  This type of data…, and facts….., on the said above Northside Youth Researchtopic.  Oh….. I apologize, I did not give the Greetings……, How are you?  Thank you for joining us once again…, please take your shoez off at the door.  I also saved you a seat in your favorite chair.   So glad you was able to stop by for a few tickz……”


I can barely sit down as I type… due to this …, like overwhelming feeling of joy.  I waited so long for something like this… on our level…, so we can take this factual data to the powers that be.  So we can sit down and discuss these issues…, and how can we work them out, or not work them out.  However it plays out.  Let’s play it Doe’!!!

Please go and read this well put together…. Group of Important community members…, voices….. the Unsung Heroes… The most gifted… and targeted forgotten in our communities….that face major difficulty factors, barriers, due to the lower income continuum that keep them from obtaining their goals.  Survival mode is the only thing on the menu!

Youth Participatory Action Research…..
“Creates a space for young people to analyze their communities & systems of power & target how both play a role in the world we live in today.”

The (NSRT) North Side Research Team collected 178 surveys and Interviewed 73 people… to collect this data…, really impressive…!  The overwhelming emotion is dual…, why?  Glad you would ask…., questions are just as important as the answer.  This Data lifts a mirror…. To all of us, who are breathing?  It is very hard to deny or push to the bottom of the pile numbers, facts, data… etc.  The (NSRT) has done what Young Voices Newspaper wanted to do…., however was not able to at that time.  The gang activity was so strong in the Mid 80’s carried over to the 90’s, it took center stage of all the surrounding communities that were impacted.  I never would have known that it would take 24 years later…., for the next fearless generation to conduct this research on Policing and Community Relations…., as this subject has been in the National Headlines and papers across the country.  These brave Youth took to the streets, blocks, alleys…., wherever they could gather the input of the North Side community.  To gather their voice to see what their opinion is on the good things the Police is doing and what the serious challenges are, then how can we tackle these very uncomfortable issues together to move forward in a positive direction that would restore balance in our communities…. (If that is possible, I really don’t know, I will watch and see! )


Because of this wonderful research…, we now have a seat at the table…, with our own silverware that our Big Mama used to make us shine and polish back in the days.  A 56 year old Narrative is back…., “What is he talkin’ bout 56 year old Narrative.”  Well in the 60’s during and after the major Civil Rights Movement we wanted a place at the table to address… the exact same items… that the research team collected.  The movement was strong for a while, then the rug was snatched out from underneath us, as we watched other groups come to power, off the back of the Civil Rights movement. So we must all sit down and discuss this research with city, government, community Elders, the professional class.., to the common one…. Who drinks beer and smokes on his or her door stoop.


Will they listen now 54 years later?  Will action take the place of fear and sweeping these hurtful truths… under the rug due to it’s not your race totally being effected?  We are all in the valley of decision. Do we have the ability to act?  To correct these issues at hand, or will we make the choice to continue to read the headlines while we shake our heads in disgust and talk about this at our favorite place we go to on the weekends to release the work week tensions.  Please let me say this…., this process will have to start in our own homes and communities first.  Then we address outside of our communities to take accountability for their actions towards us as well, taking the information the (NSRT) has provided for us to use as a template.


Over 54 years ago…, we were on our way…, to moving forward to addressing many issue that filled our communities with a stench that was unbearable.  However the system-powers that be put a stop to that, or anyone who even thought of speaking against the inhumane practices that was carried out against us.  You got it!!  54 years later the same system and powers that be…, have a beautiful method to lull us to sleep, to give us side deals.., that only benefit a small percentage of the whole. To keep us like the hamster on the wheel, never able to solve what is a basic challenge.  The (NSRT) displayed how simple this is.  You don’t have to have a High I.Q. to know what needs to be done.  Let’s take this wonderful research to our Learned and unlearned elders in our community, and present these voices in a way where we get positive results.  Elders you must stand with the youth and give guidance so not another generation should have to grow up in this same hamster in the wheel state of nothing.


Well I do not wish to bore you…., thank you for your time…. And enjoy the rest of your day.


Thank you so much to the Brave and Talented youth of the (NSRT) to bring this back to us once again.  To give us another chance after 54 years to make a change.

The youth researchers are going for a conference on Youth Participation Research – you can help fund them at this link