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Same Soup…, Just Warmed up In The Microwave: 2015 Black lives Matter Movement -1992 Reality!

Unda’ Ground Newz,  Written By Troubled-Soul-19Young Voices

Greetings to the reader and thank you for taking the time to spend a few moments to read this group of arranged words to help inspire one to research and create some levels of discussion.   This subject matter has been discussed, analyzed, psychoanalyzed, graphs, charts were created and numbers that can’t be argued with….., while all the said above has actual facts and real time truths that are right in front of us.  Before we begin I would like to share something with you…., Check this out for a few tickz……”

I was the Managing Editor of the Young Voices Newspaper 1992-1993 season.  At the time we captured the voices of youth in the neighborhood.  After I gathered some data and interviews from the community  in 2015 about their thoughts and ideas about  the Black Lives Matter movement. I was like….  has anything changed.  The youth in 1992-93’ warned us that this would happen.   The professor showed  me some original  copies of the newspapers.  I was blown away, from what I was reading…. some of the articles grabbed me emotionally as I am reading this…, I’m thinkn’ this was over 20 calendars.  We were writing about this then…, and at that time, the youth writers.. were all in very dark places mixed with  an indescribable pain.   I will share with you some of the articles from the youth in 1992-93’. But first let me share with you the interviews I gathered in 2015 pertaining to the Black Lives Matter movement.

2015 Interviews

“The Black Lives Matter Movement is important to us. It is gonna help us in the future, and I believe that it will help us fit in later on like in 2020.  Black lives Matter Movement will help us.

There is always gonna people who will not like us for the color of our skin. I feel like that can change, the Black Lives Matter Movement is just the start of it. I feel like what would help us is, if we gave them (mainstream) a better view of us (Black People) and if we try to put ourselves out there and try to help.  Show the people how much we contribute to the economy. How much we are giving to everything.” Male. 12 years old, 2015


We need to make sure that outside of the community is informed with the truth on what is really going on with us. Instead of information they get from the news, and also our own community need to be informed on truth and facts. Male. Teenager, 16 years old, 2015

A lot of black People want to turn our heads and we don’t want to deal with the issues in our community until something tragic happens.  So we should be more involved in our community with our young men and women, so we can catch major issues at an early stage to prevent a bad choice that will bring the child and family pain. Mother, 35 years old working in health care


… “ I am a  Black Man in America. “  I am in the construction Field and I deal wit’ the onslaught of racism at its peak.  The thing I don’t understand about BLM is who are trying to prove that BLM to?  That’s what I’m really fighting hard to understand.  And I never seem to get clarity on who are we fighting hard to convince? Are we trying to convince each other as Black people that BLM, or are we trying to convince white people (WP) that BLM.  Now {WP} are wearing T-shirts that read “All Lives Matter. “ Well that is true, and like that cop flipped that that student over in the chair in South Carolina.  We see it all the time.  The total disrespect for us as being black, or a human being. My opinion…, we “Black Americans “don’t want to correct one another on BLM, because we kill each other every day. Never once have I seen us ride down on the person who shot his or her victim and challenge that. Because once we get ourselves together, we won’t have to march and let them know. Because once you mess wit’ one of ours, there is repercussions, also economic repercussions.


“So how can we effectively use our community power?   Our youth cannot attend and get support from our local Rec Centers any more. I would like for them to do something channeled at the youth. That will show us that Black Lives really do matter. That would be wonderful. Male Construction Worker, 38 years old, 2015



Young Voice Newspaper 1992-1993

There should be less police brutality…if the members of the Saint Paul Police Department would work with the young black community, for example by going to the Jimmy Lee Recreation Center or the Inner City Youth League to participate in activities on a regular basis, there might be less misunderstanding and more cooperation between African American youth and the police department… a community which is integrated there should be fair representation of minority officers who understand the non-white youth in the community. Also, there should be more recruitment of officers from the black communities.  F. M.  Teenager. Young Voices Newspaper, 1992


Former Saint Paul police chief, William McCutcheon, once stated, “When you see a group of black youth walking in the skyway, your antenna should go up.” This is exactly the attitude where police brutality begins. A couple of months ago when Leroy Gray, a blind man was brutally beaten by a MTC policeman, I attended a community meeting in a library in Minneapolis to discuss the developments in the community- related to the killing of Officer Haaf and the beating of Leroy Gray. Most of the people who voiced their opinion had something to say to the effect of what we as civilians should do to try to stop police brutality. Never once did anyone say anything about what the police can do to stop police brutality.  S.T. teenager Young Voices Newspaper, 1992


What’s Really Going On?

What’s really going on is that we black folks are killing off each other quicker than we can multiply. Every day you hear someone getting jumped or stabbed or killed over some stupid stuff, like for instance a coat, or some shoe, or just a few dollars – now that is what is really going on! Another thing that is going on is that we have a very high percentage of people who are the most materialistic when it comes to clothes, cars, etc. We go out of our way trying to be noticed, we try to out-dress each other for what?…Then all of a sudden this turns into a competition to see who has the most juice, because no man or woman is better off than the other if you feel this way. I believe you really need to sit down and really look what is happening in our community and the world we live in: brothers in jail; brothers and sisters on crack; brothers and sisters hanging out by the liquor store giving their last for a bottle of poison. And the reason for that is we do not respect ourselves. If we do not respect ourselves, who is going to respect us? And a lot of violence and physical events are the results of a person thinking that they have been disrespected and ridiculed. Now if that person had respect for himself and their brother and sister that would never have come about, because we need to start looking at ourselves and each other as individuals and as equals. Let us look at our brothers and sisters as precious human beings. Our young brothers and sisters are our future generation and we will lose them if we do not take the time as adults to correct them; discipline them; and care for them – that’s what’s really going on! Gregory E Moore, Young Voices Newspaper, 1993 (Greg – we miss you!)



What About You?

I am a young African American male born and raised in the Twin Cities area. However to many in the communities to which I have lived and interacted, I am nothing except Black, a dark and shallow individual out of place, like a void in society. But when I think of dark and shallow, it reminds me of the society I live in, unless this as well as many other things are changed.

Now why is it that young minorities are destroying themselves at an alarming rate? You see when integration in the US really took form, predominantly African American community began losing valuable resources. Many positive minorities, persons of wealth and prominence began to move from their neighborhoods into the suburbs- a movement once can see even today. No one cared for the ghetto and the people who lived there. Then liquor stores, drugs and guns moved into the ghetto. All of this created a sense of hopelessness and anger. Since the people of the ghetto felt negatively they acted negatively and they did so in the only place they know, to the only people they knew!

With the great decline in cities and neighborhoods everywhere in America, we have seen a growth in crime in these places where it was believed to be the most stable. Today everybody is in jeopardy of experiencing what those in the ghettos long have dealt with. Perhaps you have a good job, or attend a good college, or you attend church regularly, or maybe you have a son or daughter or sister or brother removed from the problem such as gang activity. However, what are you going to do when someone you love is a victim of gang activity? The minorities of our community must come together in an effort to help each other.

We must be all concerned about our future. That is why we must be concerned about our youth. We must create increased opportunity for their future. If our youth our lost so is our future. Change is needed now and it begins within. This article is a step for me – what will be your next step?  J. D. Teenager, Young Voices Newspaper, 1993


…….. I really don’t want to hold you too long, for I know you have many things to do on your To Do List.

Can you see what I was sayn’……, the youth in 1992-1993….., were right on.  The community didn’t think about the youth… or our future.  The community was O.K. on how things were, Black Lives didn’t Matter!  Most of the Community members in 1992-1993…, were  powerful highly educated so called African-Americans…… in the Summit U area.  Why did they not see this coming ?   Many questions I have…, could they not see in the future?  Was they bought off.  Was they frozen wit’ fear?  The Youth was crying out wit’ no one to listen.  Deep!!!   They were trying to speak to deaf ears, the adults at that time…, wasn’t even trying to hear anything that was being stated.  Not looking or even trying to discuss what the youth were sayn’ at that time.  Was not Black Lives important then…..????

To  Be Continued…..


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