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This ALANA Data NEEDS Analysis and Action

Bruce P. Corrie, PhD, Chai.News

Dr. Susan Brower, state demographer recently presented to the legislative working group on economic disparities excellent and detailed data on the 15 ALANA communities in Minnesota. For example, one can find comparative data of Dakota and Ojibwe communities or within the Asian American communities the differences between Asian Indian, Hmong and Korean communities. This data is worth studying and analyzing as the state seeks effective strategies to build the economic assets of the ALANA communities.  A number of community organization such as the Coalition of Asian American Leaders have been asking for disaggregated data so that culturally intelligent policies and programs can be implemented in the state.

The detailed data can be found at this link:

“However, we caution readers from taking an overly simplistic view of the differences reported here. These widely disparate economic outcomes result in part from varying levels of opportunity, structural racism, and institutions and systems that have privileged some groups over others through generations and up to the present. These important social and historical contexts are very difficult to adequately capture in traditional population surveys.” Minnesota State Demographic Center Report (The Economic Status of Minnesotans: A Chartbook with Data for 17 Cultural Groups).

Thanks to Senator Bobby Champion’s Office for sharing this and other data on the hearing.