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MN Top 3 for Investments from India. Let us Work to Build an Inclusive Economy – Lt. Governor Smith to Indian Ambassador Singh

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Lt Gov Smith

Indian Ambassador Singh, Dr. Belani, U of M Regent Simmons, Mrs. Nelipinath, Lt. Governor Smith and Consul General Dr. Ausaf


Shiva Shenbagam

Lt. Governor Tina Smith in her keynote address to the US-India Health Care Summit in Minneapolis welcomed Indian Ambassador Arun Kumar Singh to Minnesota. She appreciated the opportunity that the conference presented in connecting Minnesota’s medical device and other industries such as agriculture, bio-sciences, water and renewable energy, to India’s growing manufacturing sector. She also appreciated India’s efforts to provide jobs for all and said, “We share a lot in common with India. Let us build an inclusive economy that works for all.”

Ambassador Singh said, “Minnesota is one of the leading business friendly states with a major focus on healthcare, innovation and lifestyles. Partnerships with Minnesota companies can help transform India’s healthcare system.” India is attempting to move beyond the production of generic drugs to emerge as an innovation hub in affordable health care products and services.

Lt. Governor Smith shared latest data released from the Confederation of India Industry that Minnesota is among the top 3 states for investments from India totaling $1.8 billion and providing almost 2500 jobs.

As Chair of the Destination Medical Center, Lt. Governor Smith also shared the opportunities Minnesota presented to Indian entrepreneurs. At the conference was Siva Shenbagam, Group Chief Financial Officer for Lifeline Health Care based in Dubai, UAE. He was looking for opportunities both in India and the US. “This is the first time I heard about the Destination Medical Center and I look forward to getting more information about it,” said Shenbagam.

The conference drew participants from around the world as well as the United States and was a joint initiative of the US Consul General of Chicago, Dr. Ausaf Sayeed and India Chamber of Commerce Chair, Seann Nelipinath. The focus of the summit was on cardiovascular diseases and diabetes. There was a strong presence from the University of Minnesota, including Regent Patricia Simmons and Dr. Kumar Belani because of cutting-edge research in those areas and strong partnerships with India.


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