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African American Women MN – $1.8 billion Earnings, $212 million Taxes

Bruce P. Corrie, PhD

African American women have an estimated $1.8 billion in earnings in Minnesota. The data is estimated from the American Consumer Survey 2011-13 data for Minnesota. There were almost 55,000 African American women in the workplace with the median annual earnings for a full time worker almost $34,000.

If we assume a standard 11.5 percent Minnesota state and local tax rate as estimated by the Minnesota Tax Incidence study then they pay annually an estimated $212 million in taxes. A third are in Management, Business, Science and Arts occupations and another third are in the service sector.

There were almost 5000 Black owned businesses in Minnesota of which 100 had employees. They had $200 million in sales and employed around 1500 people with an annual payroll of $30 million according the Economic Census of 2007.