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Governor Dayton Moved at Promise Neighborhood Visit


Governor Dayton visited the Saint Paul Promise Neighborhood at the invitation of Representative Rena Moran a few weeks ago. He listened with great attention to the stories of people in the room, in particular two parents who spoke about the importance of the program in helping their children succeed in school. These were parents who had struggled with homelessness with their children. The program helped them get their child to school.

One parent took out a piece of paper and told the Governor how she always carried that in her pocket. She was so proud of that piece of paper.  She opened up the worn piece of paper and read out a note a teacher wrote about her child – how well she was doing in school.

The story moved everybody in the room and most of all Governor Dayton. He got up from his chair and walked over to the mother and gave her a big  hug. One of reasons the Governor gave in vetoing the education bill was that it left out funding for the Saint Paul Promise Neighborhood.  The experience he had with the parents could have influenced that decision to veto the bill.